Research Department for Social and Public Policy

The aim of the Department is to follow the current qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies within social sciences. In addition it fosters the critical and reflexive methodological applications of interdisciplinary social research.

The other focus of the activity of the Department is the study and critical reconstruction of Hungarian sociology and related disciplines. The interest of the Department is on the one hand the collection, archiving and digitization of sociological sources, rough data and other research material, on the other hand historiography of Hungarian sociology.

The Department initiated two research streams run by its Fellows and some colleagues of the other departments of the Institute. The first stream (qualitative methods) is specialized in current questions in qualitative sociological methods. The leader of the stream is Judit Acsády. The second stream focuses on the memory, values and cultural studies (Máté Zombory).

The Fellows have been engaged in national and international research programmes on various topics (e.g. social theory, social history, civil society, lifestyle, gender and cultural studies, social representations, etc.), using a number of theoretical and methodological frameworks (e.g. multiple models, interview methods, discourse analysis, etc).

The Fellows of the Department have extensively published in Hungarian and in other languages.

Head of department: Szikra, Dorottya

Research fellows of the department:  

Árendás, Zsuzsanna Messing, Vera
Erőss, Gábor Paksi, Veronika
Fejős, Anna Ságvári, Bence
Gárdos, Judit Szeitl, Blanka
Katona, Noémi Tardos, Katalin
Kovács, Éva Judit Zombory, Máté



Szikra, Dorottya