Research Department for Social and Public Policy

The department focuses on social inequalities and their representations. It’s members conduct internationally embedded research on class, ethnicity, gender, cultural and related policies, state institutions and social policies in Hungarian and international contexts. They also investigate quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

  • Inequalities, social exclusion and discrimination; intersectional inequalities; the Roma minority in the labour market and education; exclusionary discourses
  • Workplace (in)equality, diversity and inclusion; gender equality, work-life balance, women in the in the academia and STEM fields
  • Social policy and the welfare state; elderly policies; public policies addressing inequalities; experience of claiming social assistance
  • Sociology and epistemology of the social sciences; the digital heritage of Hungarian sociology; critical memory studies
  • Social science methodology and innovations; measuring social processes and phenomena (i.e. survey, big data, qualitative methods) European Social Survey (ESS)

Head of department: Szikra, Dorottya

Research fellows of the department:  

Árendás, Zsuzsanna Messing, Vera
Erőss, Gábor Paksi, Veronika
Fejős, Anna Ságvári, Bence
Gárdos, Judit Szeitl, Blanka
Katona, Noémi Tardos, Katalin
Kovács, Éva Judit Zombory, Máté