Zsuzsanna Árendás

Zsuzsanna Árendás
Download CV Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

transnational migration, circular migration, ethnicity and ethnic hybridity, Roma employment and company diversity

Selected Publications

Szilassy. E- Árendás, Zs: Understandings of ‘Difference’ in the Speech of Teachers Dealing with Refugee Children in Hungary. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS). Vol. 33. no. 3., April 2007.

Intermediary positions in a multiethnic society. The phenomenon of ethnic hybridity in two South Slovak districts. In Szarka, L. (ed.) A multiethnic region and nation-state in East-Central Europe. Studies in the History of Upper Hungary and Slovakia from the 1600’s to the Present. Atlantic Research Publications and Balassi Institute, 2011.

'In a corporate environment, we need to be inclusive'. Toward understanding multinational companies' practices of multilingualism and cultural diversity, CPS working papers (2016/2), Budapest. 2016.

Industrial Relations in Car-manufacturing Industry: a Comparative Case Study of Audi Hungária, Győr and Mercedes Benz, Kecskemét, CPS working papers (2016/7), Budapest. 2016.

'Every word has its special weight'. A qualitative case study of multilingual realities at Siemens, Hungary, CPS working papers (2016/1), Budapest. 2016

Integration of Vulnerable Migrants: Women, Children and Victims of Trafficking (Hungary). Co-authored with Vera Messing and Violetta Zentai. CPS working papers. CEU, Budapest. 2015

Review of Existing Monitoring Mechanisms for the Integration of Migrants in Hungary. Co-authored with Vera Messing. CPS working papers. CEU, Budapest. 2014