Vera Messing

Vera Messing
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Director of Institute

Research Professor (TK SZI)
Research Interests

social inequalities, social inclusion and exclusion;
Ethnic minorities, migrants
public policy for inclusion (education, employment)
media representation of Roma

Selected Publications

Árendás, Z., Messing, V., & Zentai, V. (2018) With Eyes Wide Shut. Job Searching Qualified Roma and Employee Seeking Companies. Intersections EEJSP 4(1) 66-88

Tremlett, A. Messing, V. and Kóczé A. (2017) Romaphobia and the media: mechanisms of power and the politics of representations. Introduction to the Special Issue ‘Romaphobia and the media’. Identities 24(6), 641-649

Messing, V. And Bernáth G. (2017) Disempowered by the media: causes and consequences of the lack of media voice of Roma communities. Identities 24(6), 650-667.

Messing, V. (2017) Differentiation in the making: consequences of school integration of Roma in Journal of European Education. 49:1, 89-103, DOI: 10.1080/10564934.2017.1280336

Messing, V. and Bereményi, Á (2016) "Is ethnicity a meaningful category of employment policies for Roma? A comparative case study of Hungary and Spain". Ethnic and Racial Studies. 40:10; DOI:10.1080/01419870.2016.1213402

Messing, V. (2015) Policy puzzles with the employment of Roma. In Miroslav Beblavy (eds) Green, Pink or Silver: The Future of Labor in Europe. Brussels: Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), 2015. pp. 174-196

Annabel Tremlett, Vera Messing. 2015. Hungary's future: anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Roma? OPEN DEMOCRACY 2015:(aug. 4)

Messing, Vera (2014)  Apart or together: motivations behind ethnic segregation in education across Europe. In Schiff, Claire and Júlia Szalai (eds) Migrant, Roma and Post-colonial Youth in Education across Europe: Being ‘visibly different’. London: Palgrave, 17–34. (ISBN:978-1-137-30862-7)

Messing, Vera (2014) Methodological puzzles of surveying Roma/Gypsy populations. Ethnicities (ISSN: 1468-7968), 14: (6), 811–829.

Messing, Vera 2008. Good practices addressing school integration of Roma/Gypsy children in Hungary. INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION (ISSN: 1467-5986) 19: (5) pp. 461-473. (2008)

Messing, Vera. 2008. „In white frame” The representation of Roma in the Hungarian press. Frankfurt: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008. 167 p. ISBN: 978-3-639-03784-5 

Research Projects

2011– European Social Survey (ESS) European Research Infrastructure; lead researcher (Hungary)

2014–2016: „A roma médiakép 1988-2015: állandó és változó diszkurzív stratégiák és reprezentációs rezsimek”, principal investigator (National Research Fund)

2015–16: Media representation of the refugee crisis in the Hungarian and international media. Principal investigator

2015– „Post-communist traditionalism” research group at CSS HAS

2014–2016 ASSESS project on monitoring integration of vulnerable migrants. European Commission project. Principal researcher of the Hungarian team, European Commission DG Justice

2012–14 NEUJOBS Employment 2025: How will multiple transitions affect the European labour market’. A ‘Policy puzzles with Roma employment’ workpackage leader. EU FP7 

2012–14 Multiple discrimination in Hungary. researcher; (National Research Fund)

2010–11 Representation of Roma/Gypsy minority in the Hungarian media. principal investigator

2008–2011 Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth (EDUMIGROM). EU FP7 framework project. ( member of the coordinating team and member of the Hungarian research team

2007–2009 Szegény családok megélhetési stratégiái. Principal investigator. (National Research Fund)

2008–2009 RECWOWE – Network of Excellence, Immigrants and ethnic minorities between labour and welfare. A state-of-the-art research in Hungary and Central Europe (EU FP6)

Work in Progress

Messing, V.; Ábel Bereményi.: Is ethnicity a meaningful category for public policies? Active labour market policies from a Roma perspective: The Hungarian and Spanish cases. The article was submitted and accepted with revision by the Ethnic and Racia Studies.

Messing V.: Differences in the making: consequences of school segregation of Roma. A comparative study of Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The article will be published in European Education’s Special Issue „Decade of Roma Inclusion”

Messing, V.  and Bernáth G.: Disempowered by the media: lack of media voice of Roma communities. Nationalities, Special Issue: Romaphobia and the Media. Expected publication 2017

Annabel Tremlett, Vera Messing and Angéla Kóczé: Introduction to the Special Issue of Nationalities titled “Romaphobia and the media”. Expected publication 2017

Messing Vera, Ságvári Bence: „Ahogy a ’másokhoz’ viszonyulunk, az tükrözi azt, amilyenek magunk vagyunk”. A magyarországi idegenellenesség okairól. Expected publication. 201