Regular events

Jour fixe

Jour Fixe is a series of events designed to bring together researchers and the general public to discuss scientific manuscripts. In every 60-minute Jour Fixe session, the author(s) first present the manuscript in 10-15 minutes, followed by two invited discussants who evaluate and comment on the work to be discussed in 10-10 minutes. Afterwards, participants have the opportunity to ask questions. The Jour Fixe ends with a response from the author or authors.


Brown Bag Seminar

Brown Bag Seminar is an informal discussion, always linked to a thought-provoking study that has nothing to do with our research other than (hopefully) making us smarter.

The discussions are organised by Gábor Hajdu, Ákos Huszár and Endre Sik.



The aim of the Sociobistro event series is to discuss social problems and socially critical approaches that arise in series and films. During each session, an invited expert joins the hosts of the Szociobistro club, Szabina Kerényi and Róza Vajda.

European Researchers Night

The Institute is a yearly participant in the events of the European Researchers Night (link: