Veronika Paksi

Veronika Paksi
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Research Interests

Veronika Paksi PhD is a research fellow at the Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence). She holds a PhD in sociology (Corvinus Univerity of Budapest). Her main research interests are gender (in)equality in Research&Development; women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); Gender Equality Plans; obstacles to academic careers; work-life balance; childbearing. She teaches at University of Szeged; board member of the Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE), and Co-Chair of the Section for the Sociology of Work and Social Inequality of the Hungarian Sociological Association. Currently works in the Gender and Precarity Working Group in ‘European Universities – Critical Futures. The Roles of Universities in European Integration’ project. She has participated in several domestic research projects, and also in a Horizon2020 (EFFORTI). Recently participates in two Horizon Europe projects (UNTWIST and AGRIGEP). Recent publications: Paksi, V – Nagy, B – Tardos, K (2022) Perception of Barriers to Motherhood: Female PhD Students’ Changing Family Plans in the STEM FieldsSocial Inclusion; Tardos, K – Paksi, V (2021). Can equality plans contribute to the sustainable development goal linked to gender equality in higher education and research performing organisations? Education of Economists and Managers.


Selected Publications

Paksi, V – Nagy, B – Tardos, K (2022) Perception of Barriers to Motherhood: Female Phd Students’ Changing Family Plans in the STEM Fields. Social Inclusion, 10(3):149-159.

Tardos, K., Paksi, V. (2022) Can Equality Plans Contribute to  the Sustainable Development Goal linked to Gender Equality in Higher Education and Research Performing Organisations? Education of Economists and Managers, 62(4): 35–53.

Tardos K – Paksi V – Fábri Gy (Szerk.) (2021) Tudományos karrierek a 21. század elején (Scientific careers in the beginning of the 20th century) Szeged: Belvedere Meridionale. Download:

Tardos, K – Paksi, V (2018) Diversity Management and Gender Equality Outcomes in Research, Development & Innovation Organisations: Lessons for Practitioners. Szociológiai Szemle, 28(4):166-190.

Paksi V – Nagy B – Király G (2018) A gyermekvállalás időzítése a mérnöki PhD-tanulmányokat folytató nők körében (The timing of childbearing of female engineer PhD-students). In Nagy B. – Géring Zs. – Király G. (szerk.) Dilemmák és stratégiák a család és munka összehangolásában (Dilemmas and strategies of balancing work and family life). L’Harmattan Kiadó, Budapest, 431–457.

Research Projects

2023-2026 UNTWIST: Policy recommendations to regain 'feminism losers' as mainstream voters. Horizon Europe (Parcticipating researcher. Principal investigator [on behalf of CSS]: Katalin Tardos)

2023-2027 AGRIGEP Agriculture Education and Research Responsible Assessment to Implement Gender Equality Plan and Strategy. Horizon Europe (WIDERA) (Head of consortium partner [NaTE]. Head of consortium: Julianna Kobolák [MATE])

2021-2023 European Universities – Critical Futures. The Roles of Universities in European Integration. Danish Research Council. Gender and Precarity Working Group (Member of the Working Group. Head of the Working Group: Charlotte Morris [University of Bath])

2016-2021 Career Models and Career Advancement in Research and Development. Different Patterns and Inequalities in Labour Market Opportunities, Personal Network Building and Work-Life Balance. National Scientific Research Fund (Parcticipating researcher. Principal investigator: Katalin Tardos [TK])