Judit Gárdos

Judit Gárdos
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Research Interests

Judit Gárdos, PhD is research fellow, sociologist, head of the Research Documentation Centre. She studied at the universities of Budapest, Vienna and Berlin and received her PhD in 2018. Her main research interests include the sociology and anthropology of social sciences, in particular explanatory models and strategies in sociology, which she is currently investigating as a postdoctoral research leader. She worked in a number of EU-funded researches and published in journals such as Science & Technology Studies or East European Politics and Societies. She is co-founder of two social science data archives in Hungary and analyses archival practices and the phenomenon of open science too.

Selected Publications

„Identification of social scientifically relevant topics in an interview repository. A natural language processing experiment” (2023). Co-authors:  Júlia Egyed-Gergely, Anna Horváth, Balázs Pataki, Roza Vajda, András Micsik. Journal of Documentation. DOI: 10.1108/JD-12-2022-0269

"Questions and Explanations in Sociology: A Science Studies Field Study”, 
Science & Technology Studieshttps://sciencetechnologystudies.journal.fi/article/view/111856 doi: 10.23987/sts.111856.

Dissidents, Rebels, and Everyday Heroes: New Perspectives on the Digital Archiving of Cultural Resistance Under State Socialism (2023). In: East European Politics and Societies. Társszerzők: Csurgó Bernadett, Kerényi Szabina, Kovács Éva, Micsik András        https://doi.org/10.1177/08883254221131589

Normativitás a szociológiában a magyarországi előítélet-kutatások példáján (2020). In: Szociológiai Szemle  https://doi.org/10.51624/SzocSzemle.2020.1.4

Előítélet-kutatások (2020). In: Szabari Veronika (szerk.): (Disz)kontinuitások: A magyar szociológia 1960 és 2010 között


Research Projects

Explanation in sociology in the 21st century. An empirical research. (Principal Investigator, “OTKA” postdoctoral excellence programme)

HUN-REN Data Repository Platform (principal investigator at the Centre for Social Sciences)