Katalin Tardos

Katalin Tardos
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

Work Sociology
Employment Discrimination & Workplace Equality and Diversity
Labour Market Integration of Vulnerable GroupsWomen, Young and Older Aged Workers , Roma People, People with Disabilities, Long‐term Unemployed, , etc.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Human Resource Management

Selected Publications

Tardos, K–Paksi, V (2022) Can Equality Plans Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal linked to Gender Equality in Higher Education and Research Performing Organisations? Education of Economists and Managers (in press)

Paksi, V – Nagy, B. – Tardos, K. (2022) Perception of Barriers to Motherhood: Female Phd Students’ Changing Family Plans in the STEM Fields. Social Inclusion (Q2, IF: 1,543)

Neményi, Mária - Ságvári, Bence - Tardos, Katalin (2019). A diszkrimináció személyes és társadalmi észlelése és az egyenlő bánásmóddal kapcsolatos jogtudatosság: Kutatási eredmények 2019. Budapest: Egyenlő Bánásmód Hatóság. (Personal and Social Perception of Discrimination and the Legal Awareness of the Right to Equal Treatment. Budapest: Equal Treatment Authority.) Available : https://www.egyenlobanasmod.hu/sites/default/files/kiadvany/EBH_2019_FINAL_HUN_EN_20191208%

Tardos, Katalin and Paksi, Veronika (2018). Diversity Management and Gender Equality Outcomes in Research, Development & Innovation Organisations: Lessons for Practitioners. SZOCIOLÓGIAI SZEMLE. 28.4. pp. 166-190. Available at: http://www.szociologia.hu/dynamic/szociologia_2018_04_s166_s190_oldal_jav03.pdf

Paksi, Veronika and Tardos, Katalin (2018). Networks in science: Women's research collaborations and the old boys’ club. KULTÚRA ÉS KÖZÖSSÉG 49 : 4 pp. 39-48. Available at: http://epa.oszk.hu/02900/02936/00039/pdf/EPA02936_kultura_es_kozosseg_2018_04_039-048.pdf

Neményi, Mária - Ságvári, Bence and Tardos, Katalin (2017) Az egyenlő bánásmóddal kapcsolatos jogtudatosság: Kutatási eredmények 2017 [Legal Awareness of the Right to Equal Treatment: Survey Findings 2017] Budapest: Egyenlő Bánásmód Hatóság, 2017. 39 p. Available at: http://www.egyenlobanasmod.hu/app/webroot/files/img/articles/350/EBH_2017_kutatas_ENG.pdf

Tardos, Katalin and Piroska, Dóra (2015). Industrial relations in the Context of Subcontracting: The Case of Hungary. In: López Milagro Martin, Moreno Alejandro Díaz (Ed.) Las Relaciones Laborales en el Contexto del Desarrollo de la Subcontratación / Industrial Relations in the Context of Development of the Outsourcing. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, pp. 237-252.

Tardos, Katalin (2014). Older Adults and Work Life in Hungary. In: Kocianova Renata (Ed.) Analysis and Comparison of Forms and Methods for the Education of Older Adults in the V4 Countries. Praha: Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, pp. 126-133. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Katalin_Tardos/publication/293821788_Older_Adults_and_Work_life_in_Hungary/links/56bc416608ae3f9793155c6a.pdf

Tardos, Katalin (2013). Multiple Discrimination and the Quality of Jobs Across Europe. socio.hu 2013:(5), pp. 22-42. Available at: http://real.mtak.hu/11130/7/tardos.pdf

Tardos, Katalin, Polyák, Ildikó, Kéry, Dóra (2013). Enhancing Intercultural Competence of University Faculty. Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research. Available at:  http://www.sietareu.org/images/stories/congress2013/presentations/Ildiko%20Enhancing.pdf

Tardos, Katalin, Pedersen, Jacob J (2011). Recruitment Channels and Strategies for Employing the Low-skilled Workers in Europe. REVIEW OF SOCIOLOGY OF THE HUNGARIAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. pp. 94-111. Available at:  http://www.szociologia.hu/dynamic/5_tardos.pdf

Tardos, Katalin (2010). "Hungary country review" in Cassirer, N. and Hein, C. Workplace Solutions for Childcare (Geneva, ILO). Available at:  http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/@dgreports/@dcomm/@publ/documents/publication/wcms_110397.pdf

Tardos, Katalin (2007). On the Impact of „For an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce” Training Program. International Labour Office, 2007. p. 24 http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2351923

Tardos, Katalin (1999). The Working Poor in Hungary and Human Resource Policy in the Workplace. Institute of Human Sciences, Vienna, SOCO Project Papers N. 70, 1999. Available at: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2352488

Tardos, Katalin (1998). Who are the Working Poor in Hungary? East Central Europe 1998

Tardos, Katalin (1998). Long-term Unemployment and Health Deterioration. in: Identities. edited by Charles W. Lowney. IWM Junior Fellows Conferences, Vol. III. Vienna, 1998

Tardos, Katalin (1994). Marginal Groups on the Labour Market: Those Refused Unemployment Benefits. Szociológiai Szemle 1994/2.Available at:  http://www.socio.mta.hu/mszt/19942/tardos.htm


Research Projects

2021-2022: European Universities – Critical Futures. The Roles of Universities in European Integration. Gender and Precarity Working Group (Danish Research Council)

2019-2021: The impact of digitization of the economy on the skills and professional qualifications, and their impact on working conditions and labour relations (European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG)

2019: Legal Awareness of the Right to Equal Treatment.  4th follow-up survey. Equal Treatment Authority - Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Sociology.

2016-2021: Career Models and Career Advancement in Research and Development. Different Patterns and Inequalities in Labour Market Opportunities, Personal Network Building and Work-Life Balance (OTKA)

2014-2015: The Role of Age in Labour Market Integration and Disintegration (OTKA)