Anna Fejős

Anna Fejős
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Research Interests

Anna Fejős, PhD is a research fellow at the Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences. She studied at Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) and at Central European University (CEU). She earned her doctoral degree at the Bremen Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS). During her doctoral research, she was supported by the Bremen International School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), received a DAAD Mirror scholarship, and the Ziet Stiftung provided her the opportunity to participate in the Booming Populism: On the Practice and Language of Political Polarization workshop in Fall, 2016, at Columbia University, New York. Her research interest includes the study of gender and ethnic/racial inequalities, social inclusion and exclusion, and equality and diversity policies concerning vulnerable social groups. In recent years, she mainly worked in research projects on civil society and social media. In addition to journal articles and book chapters in Hungarian, she has published in English, in Intersections – East European Journal of Society and Society; Acta Ethnographica, and Politics and Governance. She has recently authored and co-edited a book on the changing landscape of women’s organizations under de-democratization in Hungary.  

Selected Publications

Gerő, M., Fejős, A., Kerényi, S., & Szikra, D. (2023). From Exclusion to Co-Optation: Political Opportunity Structures and Civil Society Responses in De-Democratising Hungary. Politics and Governance11(1), 16-27.

Fejős, A. & Szikra, D. (Eds.) (2022): Támogatás és támadás. Női civil szervezetek az illiberális demokráciában (Attacked and supported. Women’s organisations in an illiberal democracy). Budapest: Balassi Kiadó.

Fejős, A. & Neményi, M. (2022): Család, munka és a női test: Nőkkel és családokkal foglalkozó civil szervezetek egy változó társadalmi-politikai környezetben. In: Fejős A. & Szikra D. (eds.) Támogatás és támadás. Női civil szervezetek az illiberális demokráciában. Budapest: Balassi Kiadó.

Fejős, A. & Zentai, V. (Eds) (2021). Anti-Gender Hate Speech in Populist Right-Wing Social Media Communication. GENHA project. Available at 

Fejős, A. (2019). ‘There Is an Exemplar because I’m There.’: Professional Roles and Experiences of Roma Teachers in Rural Hungary. Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics. 5(4)18-40.