Konferencia és workshop szereplések

Kiemelt szakmai szereplések – 2019

Előadás nemzetközi konferencián

Kovách, Imre – Megyesi, Boldizsár (2019): Between individual and community values: Factors influencing food self-provisioning in Hungary. Paper presented at the Conference on Sustainable Food Systems - Sustainable Diets Rome, Friday, 11 October 2019.

Acsády, Judit (2019) Cultural images in the traumatized public mind and political (re)mobilization after WW1 in Hungary. Conference paper.  Images of Remembrance and the Construction of Memories. The Legacy of the First World War in Central Europe (1918-1939)- Conference. University of Bolzano in Brixen/Bressanone. 2019. November 7-8.

Csizmady, Adrienne – Kovách, Imre  – Megyesi, Boldizsár (2019) Differences of environmental citizenship in the EU. Paper presented at the iREEC 2019 Conference, November 7-9, 2019, Malaga, Spain

Balogh, Karolina – Győri, Ágnes (2019) Spatial Pattern of Education and Intergenerational Mobility. New Economic & Statistical Perspectives on Urban and Territorial Themes (NESPUTT) Conference, University of Milano - Bicocca, Milano, 21-22 November 2019.

Szikra, Dorottya (2019) Democratic Backsliding and Welfare State Efforts in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe 30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, European University Institute, Firenze, 8-9 November 2019.

Takács, Judit – Szalma, Ivett (2019) Applying the litmus test of homophobic attitudes to early 21st century Europe. Presentation at the Private, Civil and Public Sexualities: XI. International Academic Conference organised by the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 2019 October 2-4.

Kmetty, Zoltán – Koltai, Júlia – Rudas, Tamás (2019): The presence of social structure in online texts based on word embedding NLP models. ISA RC28 Summer 2019: Social Inequality and Social Mobility in Comparative Perspective. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA. https://rc28.princeton.edu

Kmetty, Zoltán – Koltai, Júlia – Rudas, Tamás (2019): The presence of social structure in online texts based on word embedding NLP models. 5th International Conference on Computational Social Science, July 17-20, 2019, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. https://2019.ic2s2.org/

Stefkovics, Adam – Koltai, Júlia – Kmetty, Zoltán (2019): Assessing the Effect of Questionnaire Design on Unit and Item Nonresponse: Evidence from an Online Experiment. Előadás nemzetközi konferencián: European Survey Research Association, Zagreb, Croatia. https://www.europeansurveyresearch.org/conferences/overview

Bartha, Attila – Szikra, Dorottya – Boda, Zsolt (2019): Conceptualising populist policy making Social policy reforms in Hungary between 2010 and 2018. European Social Policy Analysis Network (ESPAnet) https://espanet2019.se/  

Árendás, Zsuzsanna (2019): Anti-immigrant discourses without immigrants? Migratuion regimes in CEE with special focus on Hungary. Clark Center for Global Search (State University of New York, Cortland) (2019. 04. 22.)

Kristóf, Luca (2019): Reputational Networks in a Divided Elite. ECPR General Conference. Wroclaw, Sep 4-7.

Gerő, Márton – Kopper, Ákos (ELTE) (2019): De-democratization of Human Rights Organizations: Attacks on Autonomous Civil Actors and the Creation of ‘Loyal’ Civil Society in Hungary

Árdendás, Zsuzsanna (2019): The effects of transnational migration on families, with a special focus on return children and their schooling. Results of a pilot-study from Hungary. Annual Conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonw. ASA19 Norwich, UK, Sept 3-6, 2019- University of East Anglia. https://www.theasa.org/conferences/asa19/

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda (2019): Heritagised Environment or Environmentalised Heritage? The Question of Bordering and Emphasizing at Heritage Sites. 5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe: Heritage and Environment Krakow, Poland, Sept 9-20.   

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda  (2019): German-speaking minority heritagized at the borderzone. But Do We Remember Them? Minorities, Migration and Memory in East European Borderlands (1945-present) organized by the Nordost Institut (IKGN e.V.) and the German Historical Institute Warsaw Varsó, poland, Sept 24-26 

Harlov-Csortán, Melinda  (2019): Protection and heritagization as a new spatial reordering factor: The example of the Fertő-Neusiedlersee cultural landscape UNESCO World Heritage site Fourth Annual Conference of the Collaborative Research Centre 1199: “Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition” Lipcs Germany, Sept 30-Oct 2 

Előadás hazai konferencián

Szirmai Viktória (2019): A modern nagyvároslakók, a társadalmi befogadás és kirekesztés dilemmái. Megnyitó plenáris előadás a szombathelyi Savaria Nyári Urbanisztikai Egyetem, augusztus 5.


Szalma, Ivett – Bitó, Tamás (2019): Men’s and women’s knowledge of fertility and assisted reproductive technology in Hungary. Conference: Making Families through Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Wiesbaden. Sept 11-12.


Gerő, Márton (2019): The Shrinking of Legal Space for Civil Society in the European Union. Workshop: University of Exeter, Regulating Civil Society: NGO and Party Law and their Consequences project

Nyári egyetem

Acsády, Judit (2019)  Gender issues in present day Hungary. Danube Summer Institute. Organised by the Centre International de Formation Européenne és Texas A M University.