Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe

COST Action projekt (CA21143)

Résztvevő kutatók a TK SZI részéről: Árendás Zsuzsanna, Messing Vera

This Action aims to deepen the knowledge of the growing, rapidly changing phenomenon and dynamics of transnational families (TNF) by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines and countries to address the need for transnational insights and to formulate policy and practice-oriented recommendations with an impact on international, national, sub-local and local practices. This Action will closely monitor current trends in migration, technology and politics, and engage in an intensive dialogue with policy and practitioners, and, thus, address the need to deepen and broaden scientific and policy understanding of TNF.

The Action will develop a systematic exchange of knowledge, innovative interdisciplinary and international perspectives on TNF and tangible recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers. To achieve this, the Action is structured into 4 thematic working groups (WGs), which address critical areas that are gaining importance in research, practice and policy and therefore require significant theoretical and empirical development: WG 1: Kinkeeping within TNF in a global and digital era; WG 2: Integrating the perspective of vulnerable children and young people in social welfare and policy; WG 3: Social rights and social protection of transnational families; WG 4: Health and well-being of TNF. In addition, WG 5 will stimulate methodological progress and WG 6 will consolidate the recommendations of the other 5 working groups into clear and tangible recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers.