Ságvári Bence előadást tart az Indianai Egyetem módszertani workshopján

Az előadás címe és időpontja: “Navigating the Shift from Face-to-Face to Push-to-Web Data Collection in Cross-National Survey Research”, 2024. január 26. 2 PM - 3.30 PM (helyi idő szerint). Az előadás online is követhető, regisztrálni az előadásra ITT lehet. 

Az előadás angol nyelvű ismertetője:

WIM | Dr. Bence Ságvári, “Navigating the Shift from Face-to-Face to Push-to-Web Data Collection in Cross-National Survey Research”

Join the Workshop in Methods and Dr. Bence Ságvári for this workshop on survey research.

This presentation looks at the changing landscape of cross-national survey research and provides a first-hand account of the European Social Survey’s (ESS) transition from traditional face-to-face methods to the increasingly prevalent push-to-web data collection methods. The ESS is one of the largest academically led cross-national survey that has been conducted across much of Europe since its establishment in 2001. Its aim is to measure attitudes, beliefs, values and behavioral patterns and thus provide comparative data across countries and over time. However, like any other survey research, ESS faces major challenges, such as declining response rates, rising costs for traditional data collection and deteriorating data quality due to the interviewer effect.

To resolve this situation and create a uniformly applicable new data collection standard, the ESS has conducted numerous experimental push-to-web mixed mode (web and postal) studies in several countries in recent years. In addition, the pandemic has made face-to-face surveys impossible in many European countries between 2020 and 2022, which has meant a rapid and forced shift to self-completion questionnaires.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the characteristics of the data collection process itself, and some of the lessons learned from comparing the two types of fieldwork used in parallel in Hungary. Possible solutions for achieving representative samples, especially for hard-to-reach social groups in push-to-web surveys, strategies to improve participation, including the use of conditional and unconditional incentives, will be discussed in the first part of the workshop. The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to critically assessing the ‘mode effect’ associated with f2f surveys compared to self-completion surveys when it comes to sensitive topics such as attitudes in politics, LGBTQ and migration. The workshop will end with a brief demo of a smartphone app-based solution to collect digital behavior and trace data.

This workshop is intended for faculty and students working with secondary survey data or conducting or planning their own data collection. 

Bence Ságvári is currently a visiting professor at Indiana University Bloomington. In addition to this position, he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Social Sciences in Budapest and heads the CSS-Recens Computational Social Science research department. As of 2021, Bence is also an associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, where he teaches social network analysis, research methodology, and sociological theories. His current research focuses on how digital trace data can be used to study social phenomena. He received his PhD in sociology from ELTE University in 2011. Since 2011, he has worked as the Hungarian coordinator for the European Social Survey (ESS), one of the largest cross-national comparative social surveys in the world. Besides his academic career, Bence is co-owner of Business Software Solutions Ltd (BSS), a company that develops various business software and smartphone applications. (Just recently, one their apps won the ‘App of the Year’ award in Hungary.) In 2014/15, he was Visiting Fulbright Professor at Indiana University.

About the Workshop in Methods

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