A Szociológiai Intézet több kutatója is részt vett a European Sociological Association éves konferenciáján

A Szociológiai Intézet több kutatója is előadott a European Sociological Association augusztus 31. és szeptember 3. között rendezett éves konferenciáján:

Emese Túry-Angyal, Fruzsina Albert, Beáta DávidBoglárka Herke, Éva Huszti, Gergely Tóth: Reshaping Social Capital During Pandemic Crisis: Age Group Differences In Face-To-Face Contact Network Structures

Luca Kristóf, Bernadett Csurgó, Boldizsár MegyesiBreadmaking and excursion. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on middle class consumption strategies

Gábor Hajdu, Tamás Hajdu: Does the unemployment rate moderate the well-being disadvantage of the unemployed? Within-region estimates from The European Social Survey

Alexandra Sipos: The constitutional case of same-sex couple recognition – comparing the role of the Hungarian and the Italian Constitutional Court

Gregory Alexander Swart, Judit Takács, Ivett SzalmaSocial attitudes towards gays and lesbians measured in the latest ESS rounds

Boglárka Herke: Attitudes towards single-parent families in Europe

Zoltán Ferencz: Ten Years After. Changes in the assessment of the causes, responsibles and the correctness of the red sludge disaster from the point of view of resilience

Márton BagyuraA life course perspective on suburbanisation

Ivett Szalma: Can Covid-19 pandemic influence the fertility intentions among Hungarians?

Judit Takács, Ivett Szalma: Partnership norms towards assisted reproduction in Hungary

Gergely Horzsa: Perceptions of social change and their impacts on rural-urban mobility aspirations