A Szociológiai Intézet vendégkutatója volt Federico Cuomo

Az Universitá degli Studi di Torino PhD hallgatója, Federico Cuomo 2021. szeptemberében a Szociológiai Intézet vendégkutatója volt. Munkáját Megyesi Boldizsár felügyelte.

A vendégkutató rövid tudományos beszámolója az alábbi honlapon érhető el: The role of NBS in urban planning (Federico Cuomo) | Circular City 

Angol nyelvű részlet a beszámolóból:

"Thanks to the stimulating and enriching work carried out within the STSM [Short Term Scientific Mission], we came up with the idea of deepening the investigation around urban gardening policies in Budapest. Together with my COST supervisor, Megyesi Boldizsar, we found that although the cities of Budapest and Turin (Italy) show some similarities in spatial, economic and social terms, City Councils are implementing very different policies to manage and boost urban gardening. Taking into account these conditions, we think it may be fascinating and scientifically relevant exploring which contextual factors are playing a pivotal role in establishing such different policy trajectories. The final outcome of this collaboration will be a scientific paper published in a highly indexed peer reviewed journal. Finally, it is envisaged to establish an ongoing dialogue between the Centre for Social Sciences and the Department of Culture, Politics and Society (University of Turin) to consider future collaborations for research projects in the field of NBSs (Nature Based Solutions)."