Konferencia felhívás - The trajectories of civil society in a de-democratizing context

Gerő Márton kutatásvezető szervezésével a (De-)Democratization and the trajectories of civil society című kutatás keretein belül november 17-19 között megrendezésre kerülő workshop felhívását közvetítjük. 

Az angol nyelvű leírás és a felhívás részletei ITT találhatóak.

A szervezők az absztraktokat szeptember 15-ig várják! 

"Civil society organizations in and outside of Europe have faced increasing challenges in the past decades. The space for civil society is shrinking not only in autocratic regimes but in the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe and in established democracies as well. A general pattern accompanying the most conspicuous cases is de-democratization, i.e. the gradual deterioration of democratic institutions. It is clear that de-democratization poses a challenge to civil society organizations in general and especially to those committed to protecting human rights or criticizing the newly emerging authoritarian governments. The “populist zeitgeist” in Europe is changing the discourse: particularistic ideas gain popularity, favoring civil society organizations that challenge universal solidarities. Increasing projectification and bureaucratization augment the administrative duties of civil society organizations. This burden is further increased by the so-called anti-terrorist and accountability measures, which instead of blocking terrorist activity impose further difficulties to civil society. To top up the ongoing processes, COVID-19 came handy to governments eager to centralize decision-making processes and undermine the operation of many civil society organizations."