Ochsner, Michael – Szalma Ivett – Takács, Judit (Eds.) Division of Labour within Families, Work–Life Conflict and Family Policy. Thematic Issue of Social Inclusion, 2020, 8, 4

Table of Contents:

Linking Labour Division within Families, Work–Life Conflict and Family Policy
By Ivett Szalma, Michael Ochsner and Judit Takács

Educational Attainment and Gender Differences in Work–Life Balance for Couples across Europe: A Contextual Perspective
By Theocharis Kromydas

Gender Division of Domestic Labor in Post-Socialist Europe (1994–2012): Test of Class Gradients Hypothesis
By Daria Ukhova

The Transition to Parenthood in the French and German Speaking Parts of Switzerland
By Regula Zimmermann and Jean-Marie LeGoff

Work–Family Arrangement and Conflict: Do Individual Gender Role Attitudes and National Gender Culture Matter?
By Christina Bornatici and Marieke Heers

Agency and Capabilities in Managerial Positions: Hungarian Fathers’ Use of Workplace Flexibility
By Nikolett Geszler

“Mummy is in a Call”: Digital Technology and Executive Women’s Work–Life Balance
By Beáta Nagy

The Father’s Role in Child Care: Parental Leave Policies in Lithuania and Sweden
By Jolanta Aidukaite and Donata Telisauskaite-Cekanavice

Long-Term Care and Gender Equality: Fuzzy-Set Ideal Types of Care Regimes in Europe
By Attila Bartha and Violetta Zentai

Division of Labour, Work–Life Conflict and Family Policy: Conclusions and Reflections
By Michael Ochsner, Ivett Szalma and Judit Takács