Keynote előadás | Andrew Arato: Strategy for Civil Society under a Hybrid Regime

   2021. november 18.

Előadó: Andrew Arato, Dorothy Hart Hirshon Professor of Political and Social Theory, New School for Social Research

Előadás címe: Strategy for Civil Society under a Hybrid Regime

Előadás dátuma: 2021. november 18. 16:15-17:45

Az előadás angol nyelvű absztraktja:

The revival of the idea of civil society and the politics dependent on it in the 1970s and 80s has been strongly dependent on the nature of regimes under which these took place. Classical totalitarianism, at least in theory suppressed the distance between state and society, and along with it all forms of independent associations, movements, initiatives. The same is more or less true for the most radical  authoritarian forms. The revival was thus conditioned by detotalization or “liberalization” under the most repressive systems: hence the terms glasnosty and abertura. Its goal could be interpreted in every case as further liberalization and even democratization. We now face the same problem under new forms authoritarianism, call them hybrid regimes or electoral authoritarianisms or illiberal democracies. The article will first point to the novel methods of demobilizing and constraining civil society under the current regime in Hungary, and proceed to accept the thesis that space of action has been constrained but not eliminated. It will then go on describe one project at the borderline of civil and political, aiming at first democratic restoration, and second a new constitution that would give civil society organizations, movements and initiative more power of participation, consultation and influence.


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