Jour Fixe 82 | Vera Messing –Bence Ságvári: From landing to arrival. Mapping subjective integration of immigrants in Western Europe

   2020. május 19. - 2020. május 19.

Időpont: 2020. május 19. (kedd), 13 óra

A Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont (MTA Kiváló Kutatóhely) Szociológiai Intézete

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Messing Vera és Ságvári Bence (TK SZI)


Meleh Attila (BCE) és Kováts András (TK; Menedék Egyesület)


According to media content and political discourses one of the most significant challenges of European societies in the mid-2010s has been migration and the integration of newcomers in European societies. There is nothing new to transnational migration; European countries have experienced various waves of migration in their historical and recent past. Generally, research on immigrants’ integration focuses on socioeconomic characteristics such as employment, education, housing, income. Unequivocally these are very important signals of accommodation to the new environment and represent a structural part of the challenge of integration. There is, however, a subjective side to this challenge, namely that of immigrants’ changing attitudes and values converging to the natives in the host country. The study, which was produced in collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung uses data from the European Social Survey (ESS) and analyses the process of subjective integration of immigrants in 13 countries of Western Europe comparing traits of subtle integration - such as values, attitudes and immigrants’ perception of being integrated - across host countries, region of origin and time spent since arrival. Analyzing numerous aspects of subtle integration of immigrants in Western European societies we found a very explicit and unequivocal trend of convergence of immigrants’ attitudes, values and perceptions to the host societies’ population. 

Kulcsszavak: immigrants, subjective integration; cross country comparison; host country; country of origin; first and second generation

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Időpont: 2020. május 19. (kedd), 13 óra