Jour Fixe 64 | Albert Fruzsina - Dávid Beáta – Koltay Júlia: Core discussion network stability and changes over 20 years between 1997 and 2015

   2017. november 23.

Előadók: Albert Fruzsina, Dávid Beáta és Koltay Júlia (MTA TK SZI)

Hozzászólók: Hajdu Gábor és Janky Béla (MTA TK SZI)


In our paper we examined whether the transition from socialist to market economy influenced interpersonal networks by analysing the core discussion networks of Hungarians on five cross-sectional, nationally representative surveys between 1997 and 2015. Despite some fluctuations, the size of the core networks remained quite stable in the analysed period and is similar to other countries in the developed world. However, there has been a very significant change, in fact a reversal of trends, regarding the inner composition of the CDNs with respect to kin and non-kin ties over the past decades. Our data suggest that friendship ties gained more importance, in some cases at the expense of family ties.

transition, core discussion networks, kin ties, non-kin ties, longitudinal comparison