Jour Fixe 63 | Zombory Máté: The Mimetic Competition of Victims

   2017. november 16.

Akadémiai szimpózium

Előadó: Zombory Máté (MTA TK Szociológiai Intézet)

Hozzászóló: Csigó Péter (BME)

This article provides a critical sociological analysis of contemporary transnational memory politics in Europe. It explores the historical development through which the post-Cold War debate on Europe’s constitutive historical legacies took the form of mimetic competition of victims and thus failed to provide a possible common ground of political community. Instead of “drawing lessons of the past”, the culturally similar and competing memories of the Holocaust and of Communism have acquired mythical relevance, impeding political discourse proper.

competitive victimization, cultural mimesis, memory politics, transnationalism, post-Cold War Europe, Holocaust, Communism, European enlargement, critical historical sociology

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