Jour Fixe 55 | Gerő Márton: Incubators or Mediators of Civic Values? The Role of Associational Participation in Political Participation in Hungary

   2017. június 1.

2017. június 1. (csütörtök), 13:00

Előadó: Gerő Márton

Hozzászólók: Zakariás Ildikó (MTA TK Kisebbségkutató Intézet) és Susánszky Pál (MTA-ELTE Peripato Kutatócsoport)


In this study I will examine, whether associational participation or a certain value set, independent from associations explains better the different forms of political participation: In the different approaches examining the factors behind political participation there is a consensus about the importance of civic values. However, while the neo-Tocquevillian approach assumes that participation in associations leads to political participation by developing a civic culture, the concept of the assertive citizen proposes that such value system is the result of affluence experienced during one’s formative years. Although the certain values fostering participation has a wide range in different studies, their core values are similar and can be identified with Inglehart’s post-materialist values.  Thus, I will examine, whether associational participation has any impact on the different forms of political participation, as extra-parliamentary and electoral participation, by controlling post-materialist values during 1990 and 2008 in a Hungarian context. The results will show that associational participation and post-materialist values both has independent correlation with extra-parliamentary participation and only associational participation has a significant relationship with electoral participation. The results will lead to a broader discussion of the possibility of democratisation and the model of citizens required by the different types of political participation. 

Keywords: associational participation, political participation, post-materialist values, Hungary

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