Beáta Dávid

Beáta Dávid
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Research Interests

Beata DAVID, PhD is a research chair at the Center of Social Sciences, Budapest. She is a professor and director of the Institute of Mental Health, Semmelweis University. She is the vice-dean for Scientific and Educational affairs at the Faculty of Health and Public Services and co-ordinator of the Sociological doctorate program at the Mental Health Sciences Doctorate School. She earned her Ph. D. degree in Sociology 1999 at University of ELTE. Amongst others she is the scientific and ethical board member of the KSH-Kohorsz18 research, and member of the habilitation committee of ELTE TáTK and president of HUNNET, Hungarian Network for Social Network Analysis. She is the Chair of the Home Start Hungary Trustee Board. She is editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Mental Health. For the past 25 years her research focus concerns social network analysis, ego- and closed networks, ethnicity networks and family and health sociology. Current research includes the impact of Covid for personal networks and the study of roma special colleges. Her publication list includes books, book chapters and over 50 articles in journals such as Social Networks, Research in Higher Education, Intercultural Education and Social Inclusion.

Selected Publications

Lukács J. Ágnes, Szabó Tünde, Huszti Éva, Komolafe Cinderella, Ember Zsolt, Dávid Beáta (2023). The role of colleges for advanced studies in Roma undergraduates’ adjustment to college in Hungary from a social network perspective. INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION 34 : 1 pp. 22-42. , 21 p.

Lukács J. Ágnes, Dávid Beáta (2023). Connecting for success: Egocentric network types among underrepresented minority students at college. SOCIAL NETWORKS 72 pp. 35-43. , 9 p.

Albert Fruzsina, Koltai Julia, David Beata (2021). The increasing importance of friends: Changes in core discussion network composition in post-communist Hungary between 1997 – 2015. SOCIAL NETWORKS 66 pp. 139-145. , 7 p.

Huszti Éva, Albert Fruzsina, Csizmady Adrienn, Nagy Ilona, Dávid Beáta (2021). When Spatial Dimension Matters: Comparing Personal Network Characteristics in Different Segregated Areas. SOCIAL INCLUSION 9 : 4 pp. 375-387. , 13 p.

Lukács Ágnes J, Dávid Beáta (2019). Roma Undergraduates’ Personal Network in the Process of College Transition. A Social Capital Approach. RESEARCH IN HIGHER EDUCATION 60 : 1 pp. 64-82. ,19 p.

Research Projects

Understanding vaccination intention in various social contexts (participating researcher, PI: Fruzsina Albert)

COVID epidemic - social inequalities and integration (participating researcher, PI: Imre Kovách)

National Laboratory for Health Security (participating researcher, PI: Júlia Koltai)