Understanding vaccination intention in various social contexts

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)
2022 - 2024 

Head of Research: Fruzsina Albert (CSS Institute for Sociology)


The general aim of this research project, funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Post-COVID grant (PC-II-5/2022), is to increase our knowledge of the sociodemographic and social correlates of vaccination intention. Our primary aim is to develop, implement, and assess the performance of a survey-panel with a higher-than-individual unit of analysis. Our secondary aim is to extend our general knowledge about vaccination intention by exploring vaccination-specific discussion networks and via combining the study of institutional trust, epistemic trust, and informal policies.

The research consists of two consecutive phases. In the first phase, we will conduct an online questionnaire survey among the domestic adult population and use statistical and machine learning data analysis approaches to assess the associative predictive power of different modules (parameters of the vaccination-specific discussion networks, epistemic trust, informal policies, etc.) at both individual and at couple levels. In the second phase of the research, the confirmed factors will also be subjected to cross-cultural analysis among US population.