Adrienne Csizmady

Adrienne Csizmady
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Director of Institute

Research Professor (TK SZI)
Research Interests

rural revitalization

culture and heritage

tourism of historical inner city areas

sustainable social environment

social problems of large housing estates

social segregation

urban poverty

social consequences of urban renewal

Selected Publications

Olt, G.Smith, M. K., Csizmady, A.Sziva, I. (2021): Gentrification, tourism and the night-time economy in Budapest's district VII – the role of regulation in a post-socialist context. In: Smith, A.-Eldridge,A.: (eds):  Tourism and the Night. Rethinking Nocturnal Destinations. Routledge

Olt, Gergely, Csizmady, Adrienne (2020) Gentrification and functional change in Budapest: 'ruin bars’ and the commodification of housing in a post-socialist contex. URBAN DEVELOPMENT ISSUES 65. pp. 17-26.

Csizmady, Adrienne ; Hegedüs, József ; Vonnák, D. (2019) A housing regime unchanged: The rise and fall of foreign-currency loans in Hungary. CORVINUS JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL POLICY 10 : 2 pp. 3-33. , 31 p. 

Kőszeghy, L., Csizmady, A. (2019) Hungarian Urban Planning and the Challenge of Integrated Planning: A Sociological Analysis CORVINUS REGIONAL STUDIES 4: 1-2 pp. 61-69.

Smith, M K ; Egedy, T ; Csizmady, A ; Jancsik, A ; Olt, G ; Michalkó, G (2018) Non-planning and tourism consumption in Budapest’s inner city TOURISM GEOGRAPHIES: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM SPACE PLACE AND ENVIRONMENT 20 : 3 pp. 524-548

Csizmady, A. – Hegedüs, J., & Nagy, G. (2017) The effect of Great Financial Crises on tenure choice in a post-socialist country - the case of Hungary. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HOUSING POLICY 17: 2 pp. 249-275.

Csizmady- Treija  – Fáczányi –Balogh (2016): Participatory design processes for developing green areas of large-scale housing. Case studies in Budapest and Riga. Critical Housing Analysis 3:(2) pp. 17-25.

A. Csizmady – J. Hegedüs (2016): Hungarian Mortgage Rescue Programs 2009-2016 In: Hanna Augustyniak; Jacek Łaszek; Krzysztof Olszewski; Joanna Waszczuk (eds): The Narodowy Bank Polski Workshop: Recent trends in the real estate market and its analysis: 2015 edition Volume 1. 204 p.  Warsaw: Narodowy Bank Polski, pp. 11-32. (NBP Working Paper; No. 243.)

Csanádi, G., Csizmady, A., Róbert, P. (2014) Adult Learning in Hungary: Participation and Labor Market Outcomes. In: Hans-Peter, Blossfeld; Elina, Kilpi-Jakonen; Daniela, Vono de Vilhena; Sandra, Buchholz (szerk.) Adult Learning In Modern Societies : An International Comparison from a Life-course Perspective. Northampton, Cheltenham,: Edward Elgar (2014) pp. 264-282. ,.

Csanádi, G., Csizmady, A., Olt, G. (2011): Social sustainability and urban renewal on the example of Inner-Erzsébetváros in Budapest Society and Economy 33 (2011) 1 pp 199-217

Csanádi, G., Csizmady, A., Olt, G. (2010): Recent trends of the urban renewal in Budapest. Urbani Izziv .21 (1): 117-125.

Csizmady, A. – Csanádi, G,: From Housing Estates to Gated Communities In: Smigiel, Christian (ed): Gated and Guarded Housing in Eastern Europe. Forum Leibniz-Institut für Landerkunde  (11): 9-20 (2009)


Research Projects

Research coordination

2021-2024 Delivering affordable and sustainable housing in Europe (Re-Dwell) H2020 MSCA-ITN. /  

2019-2023 The opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms. (RURALIZATION ) H2020  

2013-2016 - OIKOnet. A global multidisciplinary network on housing research and learning. EACEA-EU (539369- LLP-1-2013-1-ES-ERASMUS-ENW)

2017-2023 Sociology of Urban planning. Sponsored by NKFIH (K124940) 

2013-2016 - Families in mortgage crisis. Sponsored by OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund)  (K109333)

2012 – ’Education as a Lifelong Process – Comparing Educational Trajectories in Modern Societies’. ERC Advanced Grant - Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Blossfeld (EIU Firenze) Résztéma vezetése: Life Long Learning in Hungary

2010-2013 – Sustainability and Urban Change. János Bolyai Postdoctoral Fellowship HAS (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

2009-2010  - Sustainable Development - EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Principal investigator: Sándor Kerekes (Corvinus University) Workpackige leader: Influence of environmental education on lifestyle

2007-2011 - Social Consequences of Urban Renewal. OTKA (K68509)