Zoltán Brys

Zoltán Brys
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

epidemiology of tobacco use, health behaviour, environmental behaviour, human ecology, sustainability and communities and life praxis, machine learning in computational social science

Selected Publications

Pénzes, M., Bakacs, M., Brys, Z., Vitrai, J., Tóth, G., Berezvai, Z., & Urbán, R. (2021). Vaping-Related Adverse Events and Perceived Health Improvements: A Cross-Sectional Survey among Daily E-Cigarette Users. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(16), 8301.

Brys, Z., et al. The epidemiology of smoking and e-cigarette use in the Hungarian adult population in 2018. Orvosi Hetilap 163.1 (2022): 31-38.

Brys, Z., Harangozó, J., & Szarvas, H. (2015). [Community participation in sustainable development - in the wake of community medicine] Lege Artis Medicinae, 25(11-12), 529-535.

Research Projects

52556/2013/EKU – Exploratory data analysis of large number of blood tests’ data.

DMLAB/2015/Tickermonitor – Forecast stock market price changes via text mining

EFOP-1.8.10-VEKOP-17-2017-00001 – Complex health protection and attitude development in the field of nutrition and drug use. Smoking-related outcomes of the study.

IV/8531-1/2021/EKU – Assessing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Hungarian population.

MTA/Post-Covid/2021-35 – Understanding vaccination intention in various social contexts - a machine learning approach.

Work in Progress

COVID-19-vaccination-refusal in the active Hungarian adult population in December, 2021 –  an exploratory study (Orvosi Hetilap, in Press)