László Antal Z.

László Antal Z.
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Research Interests

László Antal Z., PhD is an external researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Research Center for Social Sciences. He has been conducting health sociology research for more than forty years, some of them related to environmental protection. In the 1990s, he also studied population trends in European countries. In 1994, he defended his PhD thesis entitled "The social embeddedness of healing" at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1989, together with Miklós Hadas, he founded a new social science journal, Replika. Since 2000, the relationship between nature and society has been his most important research area. In recent decades, he has also led two researches that, in addition to their theoretical goals, also produced results that can be applied in practice: the launch of a national forecast on the strength of UV radiation and the establishment of the Association of Climate-Friendly Settlements dealing with the development and implementation of climate programs at the local level. He has conducted research in the United Kingdom several times with a scholarship from the British Academy. In 2020, he won the Polanyi Award of the Hungarian Sociological Society for his book "Climate Change and Sociology". In 2020 and 2021, he was one of the leaders of the "Climate Change and Health" program. He has written four books and numerous studies about his research results.

Selected Publications

The change of the social climate in Hungary, Health Science 2019/3-4, http://egeszsegtudomany.higienikus.hu/cikk/2019-3-4/EgTud.2019.3-4.41.pdf

Climate change and sociology, Argumentum Kiadó, Budapest, 2019

Health sociology in a holistic approach, L'Harmattan Kiadó, Budapest, 2020

"Climate change and health" Report (ed. with Zoltán Ferencz and Anna Páldy), TK, 2020, https://tk.hun-ren.hu/uploads/files/2020/eghajlatvaltozas_egeeszseg_jelentes.pdf

The role of natural remedies in health care: limitations and opportunities to reduce the vulnerability of care (together with Erika Koltay), Health Science 2022/1. http://egeszsegtudomany.higienikus.hu/cikk/2022-1/EgTud.2022.1.29.pdf.

Research Projects

Climate change and health 2020-21.