Fruzsina Albert

Fruzsina Albert
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Head of Research Department

Research Professor (TK SZI)
Research Interests

Fruzsina ALBERT, PhD. habil. is a research professor at the Institute for Sociology of the Center of Social Sciences, Budapest, presently she is the head of Research Department on Families and Social Relations. She is also a part-time professor at the Institute of Mental Health, Faculty of Health and Public Services, Semmelweis University. She earned her PhD at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest in 2000. She has over 30 years’ of experience in empirical research on various aspects of interpersonal networks, focusing primarily on friendship and family ties. Other strands of her research concern social inclusion, health and well-being. She has been involved in the elaboration and managing of projects, their monitoring and evaluation, design and analysis of surveys. She has participated in international (EU) transnational projects e.g. CONNECTIONS, GENDERWISE, URB-HEALTH, WOMEN IN LOCAL DEVELOPMENT, INVOTUNES. Between 2008-2022 she was the country expert for Hungary in the EU Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion. She is a member of the OTDT Professional Committee for Social Sciences, Vice-Chairman of the Sociology Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, membership in international organisations: INSNA, ESA. Her publication list includes over 80 articles and book chapters among others in journals such as Social Networks, Social Inclusion, Sociological Quarterly, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, East European Politics and Societies.

Selected Publications

Dávid B, Herke B, Huszti É, Tóth G, Túry-Angyal E,  Albert F (2023): ‘Reshaping Social Capital During the Pandemic Crisis: Age Group Differences in Face‐to‐Face Contact Network Structures’. Social Inclusion 11(1). doi: 10.17645/si.v11i1.6002

Albert F, Koltai J, Dávid B (2021): The increasing importance of friends: Changes in core discussion network composition in post-communist Hungary between 1997 – 2015. Social Networks, Volume 66, pp.  139-145.

Albert F, Dávid B, Hajdu G, Huszti É (2020): Egocentric Contact Networks of Older Adults: Featuring Quantity, Strength and Function of Ties. The Sociological Quarterly DOI:  10.1080/00380253.2020.1787111

Albert F, Hajdu G (2020): Association between poverty indicators and social relations. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, vol 28, no 3, 401-423, DOI: 10.1332/175982720X15966472176159

Kmetty Z, Tardos R, Albert F, Dávid B (2018) Mapping social milieus and cohesion patterns between 1997 and 2014.: Exploiting the potential of the occupational position generator. Social Networks, 55:(10) pp. 116–129. DOI: 10.1016/j.socnet.2018.05.007

Research Projects

Understanding vaccination intention in different social contexts - a machine learning approach (Principal Investigator)

Covid epidemic - social inequalities and inclusion (Principal Investigator: Imre Kovách)

Health Security National Lab (Principal Investigator: Júlia Koltai)