Some recently published articles contain false statements to deceive public opinion and undermine the reputation of our colleagues and institution, degrading scientific research conducted at the Institute for Sociology of HAS Center for Social Sciences and defaming its publications and their authors. Research activities undertaken by the Institute are widely recognized by the national and international scientific communities, and a significant part of our results are openly accessible. Anyone may verify the fact that research work at our Institute concerns a wide range of acute problems faced by the Hungarian society.

The Institute for Sociology of HAS CS joins the initiative of the Center for Social Sciences (, standing up for our colleagues named in the articles who work at the Center for Social Sciences, in particular, at our Institute, and expressing its solidarity with them.

Furthermore, we fully identify with the statement issued by the Presidency of HAS on 15 June 2018 (, and support all efforts promoting the freedom in the choice of topics and the publishing of academic research as well as the sustenance of the network of research institutes of HAS.

We would like to thank the supportive statements released by various operators of scientific life.