What kind of international experiences can help the Hungarian municipal climate programs?

Project Leader

Takács-Sánta, András


Takács-Sánta, András

The research

The aim of the research was to write a comprehensive study analyzing the international literature of municipal climate programs and the experiences of these programs so far. The main aim of this synthesizing work based mostly on research of the literature is to help avoiding the traps the foreign pioneers of the programs fell into during the realization of Hungarian climate programs. The knowledge of international experiences may be extremely useful for the success of Hungarian programs. According to plans the study has been made for December 2007. The best of the international literature on climate-friendly municipalities has been processed concentrating on some key questions. Furthermore, the most important first results of the participating action research on Hungarian climate-friendly municipalities have also been incorporated. The study will be published in 2008 in the journal „Klíma-21 Füzetek”. It will likely to be the first survey on climate-friendly municipalities in Hungarian.