Voices of the 20th Century

Project Leader

Kovács, Éva

Participants (IS HAS)

Gárdos, Judit

Kovács, Éva

Paksi, Veronika

Tibori, Tímea

Vidra, Zsuzsanna

Other participants

Örkény, Antal

Szabari, Vera


Gárdos, Judit

The research

Hungarian social science research has been applying the interview method for almost a century. The interviews served, and still serve, as a basis and provided raw materials for numerous social science books ranging from ethnography to sociography before 1945, and from sociology through social history to cultural anthropology since the 1960s. Since the 1980s the interview technique has been also renewed methodologically: both types of interviewing, oral history and the biographical interview, are flourishing, i. e., several hours long in-depth interviews are made on a massive scale for individual research projects. However, most printed and published texts made only a small fragment, few lines of such interviews available for other professionals and the general public. Our project will ''recall'' the heritage of qualitative sociology, on the one hand with the research and catalogisation of the interview sources, on the other it will work the material of the interview sources up.