The diverseness and parity of the forms of learning: how do we learn?

Head of Project

Sz. Tóth, János (Magyar Népfőiskolai Társaság)

Project coordinator

Mihályfi, Márta (Magyar Népfőiskolai Társaság)

Participant (IS HAS) 

Kárpáti, Zoltán

The research

To explore the reasons of the disparity of non-formal and informal learning compared to formal learning. The way of utilization of non-formal and informal learning in formal learning; the development of competences, attitudes and motivations in lifelong learning; the premises of the three learning forms, the problems of permeability and co-operation; tha validation and accreditation of knowledge, competence and attitude acquired in non-formal and informal learning; the applicability of international experiences, „best practices”. In the first phase of the research the task of Zoltán Kárpáti was to elaborate the empirical sampling method and research tools (100 interviews in each county of Hungary and 200 in Budapest, all together 2100 interviews, individual and focus-group questionaires, coding-system for data procession)