Sustainable Consumption, Production, Communication

Project Leader

Szirmai, Viktória


Eötvös Loránd University

Consortium members

  • Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary – Hunyadi, György

  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary – Kerekes, Sándor

  • Institute of Sociology, HAS – Szirmai, Viktória

  • BOKARTISZ Public Company, Hungary - Molnár, Géza

  • Association of Conscious Customers, Hungary– Gulyás, Emese

  • Védegylet, Hungary – Lányi, András

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Annik Magerholm Fet



Szirmai, Viktória
Váradi, Zsuzsanna

The research

The project’s goal was establishing an efficient and fair economic, social and settlement policy serving for a durable improvement of living conditions in such a way which maximally takes the aspects of ecological sustainability into account. The central part of the development direction is consumption which is differentiated both spatially and socially and which on the one hand is the primary area – with the decrease of industrial pollution – of human actions towards the environment and on the other hand it is a central element of production processes and their attached social organizational techniques. The research is dealing with the social science aspects of this problem and not with the problems of its technical implementation. It is rather about investigating the social (political, economic, legal and sociological) conditions of sustainability policies and procedures. The project may also be regarded as a science communication programme in which special attention is paid for the formation of the communication space of accumulated knowledge and for the involvement of affected actors.