Studies on Memory, Culture, and Values

In order to explain social action, it is inevitable  to analyse the mechanisms of perception, interpretation and evaluation that for the actors constitute at the same time normative constraints and possibility of agency. Therefore, when studying social problems, this stream of research takes into account the significance of cultural mediation in a broad sense. In their various research projects, members of the stream address already classical subjects such as social integration, inequality, conflict, solidarity or identity, from the perspectuive of cultural sociology and anthropology, memory studies, discourse analysis, or cultural studies. Further particularity of the research stream is its critical attitude toward social reality, social scientific practice included.

Leader: ZOMBORY Máté

Team members: SCHMIDT Andrea, GÁRDOS Judit, TIBORI Timea, SÁGVÁRI Bence, KOVÁCS Éva, KAPITÁNY Ágnes, KAPITÁNY Gábor

External members: LÉGMÁN Anna