Viktória Szirmai

Viktória Szirmai
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Research Interests

Viktória Szirmai, research professor emerita at the Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology. She is doctor of HAS (DSc) and at the same time she is Széchenyi Prize winner (2008), because of her scientific achievements in the field of urban and regional sciences and environmental sociology, given by the President of the Republic of Hungary. The stages of the scientific career: 1985, PhD degree (MTA) 1997, doctor of HAS, 1998, dr. habil title, (University of Horticulture and Food Industry), university professor (2005- János Kodolányi University). Among the main research areas, the topics of urban and regional sociology stand out, but also environmental sociology, social conflicts, social competitiveness, social inequalities, problems of social well-being, and most recently the social effects of COVID-19, as well as globalization processes are the subjects of investigations. She is also a member of the Regional Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Regional Scientific Society and the Hungarian Urban Planning Society. As the founding editor-in-chief of City,hu Urban Science Review (, she manages the scientific online journal and publishes numerous studies there. The online journal was created in 2021 with the support of the György Enyedi Regional Science Foundation. In the IX department of HAS it received D grade classification. Over the years, she led more than 50 Hungarian and international research projects, because she is successful applicant. In the case of Szirmai Viktória the Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (MTMT) lists 259 publications (and 865 citations). She is author of several independent monographs and studies, editor of several volumes. She makes lectures as a guest professor at several Parisian universities and research institutes.

Selected Publications

Szirmai, Viktória (2023): Magyar városok az európai térben: In: Simándi, Irén (szerk.) Harminc éves a Kodolányi János Egyetem 2. : Társadalom és ember Székesfehérvár, Magyarország : Enigma 2001 Kiadó és Médiaszolgáltató Kft. 281 p. pp. 73-90. , 18 p

Szirmai, Viktória (2022): Globális városok – globális kihívások CITY.HU: VÁROSTUDOMÁNYI SZEMLE 2 : 4 pp. 9-23., 15 p. 

Szirmai, Viktória (2021): Nagyvárosok a COVID-19 vírusjárvány idején FÖLDRAJZI KÖZLEMÉNYEK 145 : 1 pp. 1-16., 16 p. 

Szirmai, Viktória (szerk.) (2020): Középvárosi társadalmak. Egy új, innovatív városfejlesztési modell megalapozása Sopron, Magyarország: Soproni Egyetemi Kiadó, 247 p.

Szirmai, Viktória (2019): Városok és városlakók: A befogadó és a kirekesztő városok Budapest, Magyarország: Corvina Kiadó, MTA Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont. 339 p.