Alexandra Sipos

Alexandra Sipos
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Scientific Secretary

Junior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

equality, human rights, sociology of law, sexual minorities, gender, youth policy

Selected Publications

Sipos Alexandra (2021) EU Youth Strategy and the European Youth Goals – can they help in achieving solidarity? In: Europe talks solidarity, Vienna. 1-22.

Sipos Alexandra (2019) Human Rights Literature Review Hungary, East European Yearbook on Human Rights 2019:2. 162-171.

Sipos Alexandra (2018) Gender equality, rainbow families and the role of the Equal Treatment Authority. In: Marta, Luty-Michalak; Olga, A. Kotowska-Wójcik (szerk.) Women - Between the Public and Private Spheres of Life, Warszawskie Wydawnictwo Socjologiczne. 101-116.

Sipos Alexandra (2018) Human rights, human security and LGBTQI, Právo a bezpečnosť , 5:3. 193-201. 

Research Projects

2021 – Feminist Judgments in Central and Eastern Europe (project coordinator: Dr. Silvia Suteu (UCL Laws))