Alexandra Sipos

Alexandra Sipos
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Research Interests

Alexandra Sipos, PhD works at the Centre for Social Sciences (Budapest, Hungary) as a research fellow. She defended her PhD with summa cum laude evaluation at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) in 2021. Her doctoral thesis focused on the recognition of partnerships and kinships in Hungary with regard to marriage equality. Her research topics include human rights and equality concerning gender and sexual minorities, especially the recognition of same-sex couples, sexualities and gender studies, the sociology of law and youth policy. She took part in an Erasmus+ exchange in 2019 at the University of Florence to research decisions of the Italian Constitutional Court. Following up on that research, Alexandra received a scholarship from the New National Excellence Programme in 2020, during which she conducted comparative research on Hungarian and Italian Constitutional Court decisions. She has been active in the youth policy field at the national and European levels since 2012. Currently, she is involved in several kinds of research, including a Horizon Europe project (UNTWIST), a Hungarian Academy of Sciences Momentum (MTA Lendület) programme (“Momentum” Reproductive Sociology Research Group) and the Feminist Judgments in Central and Eastern Europe project.

Selected Publications

Szabó, L. P., & Sipos, A. (2022). A család az …? A ’család’ fogalma a magyar online hírportálokon. In Mi a család? (pp. 101–120).

Sipos, A. (2021). EU Youth Strategy and the European Youth Goals – can they help in achieving solidarity? In Europe talks solidarity (pp. 1–22).

Sipos, A. (2019). Hungary. East European Yearbook on Human Rights2(1), 118–132.

Sipos, A. (2018). Gender equality, rainbow families and the role of the Equal Treatment Authority. In Women: Between the Public and Private Spheres of Life (pp. 101–116).

Sipos, A. (2018). Eladónőt keresünk! – az Egyenlő Bánásmód Hatóság nemi sztereotípiákkal kapcsolatos döntései. FUNDAMENTUM22(1), 73–86.

Research Projects

UNTWIST: Policy recommendations to regain 'feminism losers' as mainstream voters (participant researcher, lead researcher: Katalin Tardos)

Reproduction-related decisions from macro-micro perspectives in European comparison in the (post-)pandemic era (participant researcher, lead researcher: Ivett Szalma)

COVID epidemic - social inequalities and integration (participant researcher, lead researcher: Imre Kovách)

Centre for Family Studies (participant researcher, lead researcher: Ildikó Husz, Fruzsina Albert)