Tamás P.Tóth

Tamás P.Tóth
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Research Interests

Tamás P. Tóth, PhD is an independent researcher, external research fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology, Hungary and co-founder of Artist and Researcher in Residence Guiniguada, Gran Canaria. He earned his PhD at Eötvös Loránd University in 2014. His primary research interests are equality of opportunity, equal treatment, social exclusion/inclusion of sexual and gender minorities (LGBT+ people), homophobia, HIV/AIDS prevention, work family balance, social history of homosexuality and narrative identity. In addition to journal articles and book chapters in Hungarian, he has published in international journals such as Sexuality Research and Social Policy, AIDS Education and Prevention, AIDS, and Journal of Homosexuality. He is co-editor of Socio.hu Social Science Review, the online journal of the CSS Institute of Sociology.

Selected Publications

Takács Judit, P Tóth Tamás: Liberating Pathologization? The Historical Background of the 1961 Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Hungary. HUNGARIAN HISTORICAL REVIEW: NEW SERIES OF ACTA HISTORICA ACADEMIAE SCIENTIARIUM HUNGARICAE 10 : 2 pp. 267-300. , 34 p. (2021)