Gergely Olt

Gergely Olt
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

urban sociology, gentrification, urban tourism, night time economy, urban movements, post-socialist transformation, comparative urban studies

Selected Publications

Olt, G and Lepeltier-Kutasi, L. (2018) Urban Rehabilitation and Residential Struggles in the Post-socialist City of Budapest in Oosterlynck, S., Beeckmans, L. Bassens, D. Derudder, B. Segaert, B., Braeckmans, L. (eds.) The City as a Global Political Actor, Routledge, pp. 280

Olt, G., Smith M. K., Sziva, I., Csizmady A., (2018) Cultural tourism vs. Binge Drinking HERITAGE 2018 – Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development June 12-15 2018 Granda Spain

Smith M K, Egedy T, Csizmady A, Jancsik A, Olt G, Michalkó GNon-planning and tourism consumption in Budapest’s inner city Tourism Geographies: An International Journal Of Tourism Space Place And Environment 

Adrienne Csizmady, Gergely Olt (2016) Retro-tourists area in Budapest’s Historical Center

In: Rogério Amoêda, Sérgio Lira, Cristina Pinheiro (eds.) HERITAGE 2016: Heritage and Sustainable Development Barcelos: Green Lines, 2016. pp. 1571-1582. 5th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development . Lisbon, Portugal, 07.12. 2016. -07.15. 2016. (ISBN:978-989-8734-15-0)

Ludovic Lepeltier-Kutasi, Gergely Olt (2016) Demander réparation(s).: À Budapest, les mobilisations collectives à l’épreuve de leur visibilité CULTURES & CONFLITS 101:(101) pp. 81-98.

Gergely Olt (2016) A társadalmi integráció térbeli kérdései a városokban /Spatial issues of social integration in cities/ SOCIO.HU : TÁRSADALOMTUDOMÁNYI SZEMLE (1) pp. 52-70.

Gábor Csanádi, Adrienne Csizmady, Gergely Olt (2012) Átváltozóban /Transformation/ Budapest: Eötvös Kiadó, 2012. 268 p. (ISBN:978-963-312-000-2)

Gábor Csanádi, Adrienne Csizmady, Gergely Olt (2010) Recent trends of the urban renewal in Budapest Urbani Izziv 21:(1) pp. 117-125. (2010)

Research Projects

2006-2018: The transformation of Inner-Erzsébetváros and its conflicts

2018: The sociology of urban planning

2018: Patterns of real estate prices changes in Budapest 1997-2017

2017: Residential movements against the Liget-project and the mobile dam on the Roman-shore

2017: Tourism management in Inner-Erzsébetváros

2015: Residential complaints after renovations in the Magdolna Quarter

2015: Post-communist traditionalism

2014: 'Residential mortgage lending: social and individual risks - social consequence of the FX mortgage loan crises after 2008 in Hungary

2010: Neighbourhood council in the Magdolna Quarter

2009: ‘Sustainable production, consumption, communication’

2007: ‘Social effects of urban rehabilitation’