Luca Kristóf

Luca Kristóf
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Research Interests

Luca Kristóf, PhD is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest. Presently she is the vice-director of the Institute of Sociology at the CSS. She earned her PhD at the Budapest Corvinus University in 2011. Her main research interests include elite studies, political sociology, cultural and sustainable consumption, and social stratification and integration. To support her research, she has over the years been awarded an HAS Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Bolyai Fellowship and an NKFIH Young Researcher's Grant. Her monograph on the Hungarian cultural elite, published in 2021, won the Polányi Prize of the Hungarian Sociological Society. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters in Hungarian, she has published in international journals such as Poetics, the International Journal of Cultural Policy and East European Politics and Societies. She is a habilitated associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, a Patronus Teacher at the Széchenyi College for Advanced Studies, secretary of the Sociology Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, editor of, the online journal of the CSS Institute of Sociology, and reporter for the CSS’s scientific dissemination podcast.

Selected Publications

Kristóf, L., 2021. Kultúrcsaták. Kulturális elit és politika a mai Magyarországon. Budapest: Gondolat Kiadó.

Kristóf, L., Kisfalusi, D. & Vit, E., 2021. Political homophily in cultural reputational networks. POETICS, 89.

Kristóf, L., 2021. From Cultural Policy towards Cultural Politics? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CULTURAL POLICY, 27(2), pp.191–201.

Albert, F., Dávid, B., Kmetty, Z., Kristóf, L., Róbert, P. & Szabó A., 2018. Mapping the Post-communist Class Structure: Findings from a New Multidimensional Hungarian Class Survey. EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES, 32(3), pp.544–565.

Csurgó, B. & Kristóf, L., 2018. Narrative Identities and the Egalitarian Norm Among Hungarian Elite Couples. JOURNAL OF FAMILY ISSUES, 39(7), pp.2107–2130.

Research Projects

Elite replacement and instrumentalisation. The reconstruction of the scientific field in the 2010es. Bolyai scholarship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (PI)

2021- 2024 Sustainable consumption patterns, behavioral strategies and knowledge use in the Hungarian society. A social scientific analysis of sustainable food and energy consumption NKFIH 138020) 2021-24 (participant, PI: Bernadett Csurgó)