Lea Kőszeghy

Lea Kőszeghy
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Research Interests

Lea Kőszeghy, PhD is a research fellow at the Institute for Sociology, Center for Social Sciences, Budapest. She holds a PhD from the Doctoral School of Sociology at Eötvös Loránd University (2011). Her main research areas are housing inequalities, housing poverty and housing policies, the social disparities of energy use and its implications for sustainability, energy poverty, and the sociology of urban planning. Between 2003-11 she compiled reports for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) on inequalities and discrimination in housing in Hungary. Having done research and advocacy for Habitat for Humanity Hungary (2010-2017) she also has NGO experience. In the Institute for Sociology, she was principal investigator in the research project “Societal challenges of energy use” (2017-19) and participates in several research projects, concerning sustainable energy and food consumption, urban planning, the impact of Covid-19 on housing and cities, as well as social integration. She is board member of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning. Her publication list includes over 30 articles and book chapters.

Selected Publications

Bajomi Anna Zsófia, Feldmár Nóra, Kőszeghy Lea (2020). Trapped in politics: Energy poverty in Hungary. In: George, Jiglau; Anca, Sinea; Ute, Dubois; Philipp, Biermann Perspectives on Energy Poverty in Post-Communist Europe London, Egyesült Királyság/Anglia: Routledge, pp. 25-54. , 30 p.

Csizmady Adrienne, Kőszeghy Lea (2022). ‘Generation Rent’ in a Super Homeownership Environment: The Case of Budapest, Hungary. SUSTAINABILITY 14 : 14 Paper: 8929 https://doi.org/10.3390/su14148929

Csizmady Adrienne, Győri Ágnes, Kőszeghy Lea (2022). No money, no housing security? The role of intergenerational transfers, savings, and mortgage in mobility within and into insecure housing positions in Hungary. EASTERN JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN STUDIES 13 : 1 pp. 208-227. , 20 p. http://doi.org/10.47743/ejes-2022-0110

Csizmady Adrienne, Ferencz Zoltán, Kőszeghy Lea, Tóth Gergely (2021). Beyond the Energy Poor/Non Energy Poor Divide: Energy Vulnerability and Mindsets on Energy Generation Modes in Hungary. ENERGIES 14 : 20 Paper: 6487 , 20 p. https://doi.org/10.3390/en14206487

Kőszeghy Lea, Csizmady Adrienne (2019). Hungarian Urban Planning and the Challenge of Integrated Planning: A Sociological Analysis. CORVINUS REGIONAL STUDIES 4 : 1-2 pp. 61-69. , 9 p. 

Research Projects

Sustainable consumption patterns, behavioral strategies and knowledge use in the Hungarian society. A social scientific analysis of sustainable food and energy consumption (NKFIH K138020) (participant, lead researcher: Bernadett Csurgó)

The sociology of urban planning – urban planning and society (NKFIH K 124940) (participant, lead researcher: Adrienne Csizmady)

RE-DWELL - Delivering affordable and sustainable housing in Europe (H2020 MSCA-ITN) (participant, lead researcher: Adrienne Csizmady)

Covid pandemic – social inequalities and integration, (MTA) (participant, lead researcher: Imre Kovách)

Opportunities and limits of smart technologies in the context of social acceptance (National Laboratory for Social Innovation (TINLAB)) (participant, lead researcher: Katalin Tausz)