Szabina Kerényi

Szabina Kerényi
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
  • Department: Research Department for Social and Public Policy
  • Email:
  • Phone: 2246700 / 5207
  • Building: B (Floor, room: 1.35.)
Research Interests

Szabina Kerényi is a junior researcher at the Institute for Sociology, and a PhD candidate at the ELTE Department of Sociology, where she is currently resuming her dissertation ont he Hungarian environmental movement. Her major research areas are primarily grassroots movements and the civil society, particularly women’s movements, environmental movements, and initiatives related to consumption and sustainability. She has participated in the Climate Research Center at the Center for Social Sciences, where she is involved in the research project Sustainable consumption patterns, behavioral strategies and knowledge use in the Hungarian society funded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO). In the project led by Bernadett Csurgó, Szabina Kerényi is responsible for the field research on food consumption. She is also involved in a different project, also supported by the NRDIO, Leaving the State Behind, in co-operation with the ELTE University, where she is responsible for research on parallel structures in the field of obstetric care. Besides her academic work, she is also involved in the project ARP (Data Research Repository) on behalf of the Research Documentation Center, where the aim is to develop a research repository for the entire scientific community of ELKH, as well as to promote open science. Together with Róza Vajda, she has been leading the discussion club of the Institute for Sociology on popular film series called Szocibisztró to be continued.

Selected Publications

Gerő, M., Fejős, A., Kerényi, S., & Szikra, D. (2023). From Exclusion to Co-Optation: Political Opportunity Structures and Civil Society Responses in De-Democratising Hungary. Politics and Governance, 11(1), 16-27.

Aron Buzogány, Szabina Kerényi & Gergely Olt (2022) Back to the grassroots? The shrinking space of environmental activism in illiberal Hungary, Environmental Politics, 31:7, 1267-1288, DOI: 10.1080/09644016.2022.2113607

Csurgó, B., Gárdos, J., Kerényi, S., Kovács, É., & Micsik, A. (2022). Dissidents, Rebels, and Everyday Heroes: New Perspectives on the Digital Archiving of Cultural Resistance Under State Socialism. East European Politics and Societies0(0).

Gergely Csányi – Szabina Kerényi (2021) A Semi-Peripheral Myth of the “Good Mother”: The History of Motherly Love in Hungary from a Global Perspective. In: Mayer CH. – Vanderheiden E. (eds) International Handbook of Love. Springer, Cham. (ISBN: 978-3-030-45995-6) pp. 317-332.

Adrienne Csizmady, Bernadett Csurgó, Szabina Kerényi, András Balázs, Veronika Kocsis, Botond Palaczki (2021) Young Farmers’ Perceptions of Sustainability in a Wine Region in Hungary, Land