Gergely Horzsa

Gergely Horzsa
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Research Interests

Gergely Horzsa, PhD is a research fellow of the Centre of Social Sciences in Budapest. He earned an M.A. degree in sociology at ELTE University of Budapest in 2013 and his Ph.D at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2022. His research interests include rural sociology, migration, development and entrepreneurship as well as scientific methodology. In particular, he is interested in the future of survey methodology, which he also focuses on through his polling company in the private sphere. Currently, he participates in research projects at CSS focusing on questions of rural restructuring (NKFIH 132676), sustainability (NKFIH 138020) and social structure. His teaching expertise at Corvinus and ELTE universities include qualitative research techniques, social network analysis as well as rural-urban and environmental sociology. Recurring, he also teaches qualitative fieldwork techniques and leads empirical fieldwork. His findings were published in international conferences as well as Hungarian and international journals (so far around 30 publications). His research were also acknowledged and sponsored by awards of the Hungarian New National Excellence Programme and by a 4-month research scholarship at Indiana University, U.S., by Julius Rezler Foundation.

Selected Publications

Horzsa, G. (2023) “What Would You Do If You Were to Win the Lottery?” A Qualitative Tool for Overcoming Agency-Structure Issues in Migration Research, in. Qualitative Sociology Review 19/2

Horzsa, G. (2021) ‘Rural Development and Migration: Effects of Rural Development Projects on Internal Migration and Migration Aspirations of Rural Dwellers in Hungary’, in. Corvinus University of Budapest. Available at:

Győri, Á., Czakó, Á., Horzsa, G. (2019) Innovation, Financial Culture, and the Social-Economic Environment of SMEs in Hungary, in. East European Politics and Societies 33/4

Horzsa, G. (2019) ‘Vidékfejlesztési támogatások munkaerőpiaci hatásainak települési szintű útmodellezése magyarországi községek mintáin’, Tér és társadalom, 33(3), p. 73.

Horzsa, G. (2018) ‘A fejlesztési környezet szerepe a belső vándorlás alakulásában. Szakirodalmi áttekintés’,, 8(3), pp. 25–41.