Judit Acsády

Judit Acsády
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK SZI)
Research Interests

Judit Acsády, PhD. Sociologist, Senior Research Fellow.
Attained PhD in Sociology at University ELTE, Budapest. Dissertation: Emancipation and Identity. (2005). She attended post-graduate courses at University of Amsterdam (1990-91) and at EHSS in Paris (1995-96). Her main research fields include:  history of feminist movements, women’s labour, civil society, gender studies, gender relations after the transitions, women’s movements, women in public life, care, climate change. As a member of an international research network she participated in the  ’Women Activists Between War and Peace Europe: 1918-1923’. / and Aftermath WW1. by Ingrid Sharp (University of Leeds) and Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield Hallam University, UK).  She took part in several other international research projects (e.g. GENDERWISE, COST - Gender and Culture of Science in Society (GENESIS) Project. 2011 genSET Project. - Building Institutional Capacity for Action on Gender Dimension in Science.  EC  Framework 7 Programme, Science in Society. Wissenschaftsladen Wien - Science Shop Vienna, etc). She gave courses as guest lecturer at Corvinus and ELTE Universities. Recently she is member of a research team of a CSS project ‘Sustainable Consumption’ (2023) and an EU project, called UNTWIST (2023). She is member of the Editorial Board of the Interdisciplinary eJournal of Gender Studies, the first Hungarian journal in the field. 

Selected Publications

Acsády, Judit (2023): Reconstruire le passé féministe par l’inventaire: collections, archives et documents du militantisme féministe hongrois. In: Christine, Bard; Grailles, Bénédicte; Lasserre, Audrey; Boivineau, Pauline; Charpenel, Marion (direction). Les féministes et leurs archives Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes. pp. 223-240.

Acsády, Judit (2022): A szociális munka feminista elmélete és gyakorlata a 20. század elején: A Feministák Egyesületének hozzájárulása intézmények alapításához és új megközelítések kidolgozásához. SIC ITUR AD ASTRA . 77. 135-158.

Acsády, Judit (2021): Hungarian Feminist Periodicals as Alternative Public Spaces,: 1907–18: Values, Networks, and Dissemination Strategies. JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PERIODICAL STUDIES 6 : 1. Women Editors in Europe / Special Issue pp. 69-85. http://real.mtak.hu/135126/1/JEPS15948-ArticleText-40471-1-10-20210708.pdf

Acsády, Judit (2022): A hazai nőszervezetek 1945-től a rendszerváltás időszakáig. In: Fejős, Anna; Szikra, Dorottya (szerk.). Támogatás és támadás. : Női civil szervezetek az illiberális demokráciában.Budapest: Balassi Kiadó. 58-77.

Acsády, Judit (2019): Women’s Industrial Labor in Hungary: An Overview of Main Tendencies and Turning Points from the End of the Nineteenth Century. EAST CENTRAL EUROPE 46 : 1. 9-28. 

Research Projects

UNTWIST: Policy recommendations to regain 'feminism losers' as mainstream voters. (Hungarian team member, Coordinator: Katalin Tardos, Sociology Institute, CSS)

Sustainable consumption patterns, behavioral strategies and knowledge use in the Hungarian society. A social scientific analysis of sustainable food and energy consumption. (participating researcher, PI: Bernadett Csurgó)

History of Hungarian feminist movements (ongoing archive and oral history research, currently without additional financing)