Qualitative sociological methods

Qualitative methodology is getting more and more acknowledged and widespread recently in Hungarian social sciences and within that in sociology. In spite of debates in the past few decades between the representatives of qualitative and quantitative methods, by now the one sided approaches give place more and more to contsructive dialogues. As a result, research projects of mixed methodology (qualitative and quantitative) become more and more widespread.

Qualitative methods have a rich tradition in Hungary including sociography, field work, critical discourse analyses or interviewing and visual research methods.

The Qualitative Research stream belongs to the Department of Methodology and History of Social Research of the Social Science Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The researchers of the stream are following the new methodological and analytical ways and the professional debates both in Hungary and in the international scientific life. They present their works and methodological problems regularly at the monthly open  discussion of the Department of Methodology and History of Social Research. Further thematic workshops are planned with the participation of foreign guest lecturers.

Leader: ACSÁDY Judit

Team members: TIBORI Timea, GÁRDOS Judit, SCHMIDT Andrea, KOVÁCS Éva, KAPITÁNY ÁgnesKAPITÁNY Gábor

External members: KÓCZÉ Angéla