Opportunities and possibilities for social integration for young adults living with disabilities in Hungary

Project Leader

Laki, Ildikó


Albert, Fruzsina
Kabai, Imre (...)
Ságvári, Bence (...)
Kiss, Viktor (...)
Jancsák, Csaba (...)


Sulyok, Tamás (...)

The research

The aim of the planed research is to examen and analyse the situation of disabled students in the Hungarian higher education system and the role of high education institutes in the education of this studies group. To achieve this task, it is absolutely nessesery to define social discrimination and integration. First, we look at the theoratical frames of these socal phenomenons, secondly we introduce results of our empirical research. In our present study, we focus on disabled students studying in Hungarian higher education. We are most intrested in the percetage of their attendence, in today's higher education, the difficulties of their studies or participating in academic work. Besides these, we pay special attention to scrutinizing university and college facilities, didactical and methodical content of the syllabus and its suitability to the special needs of disables students. We see the importance of are study in the fact that a research, of this sort or similar, has never been done in Hungary. in our opinion we can find a solution with this stud for a long standing a hidden problem.