The special issue of has been published :: The sociology of architecture. Theories, methods and subjects



Máté Tamáska: Introduction. Architectural sociology: theories, methods and subjects ... 1–4

Research articles

Heike Delitz: Architectures. Institutions and transformations of collective lives ... 5–20

Thomas Schmidt-Lux: Silicon Headquarters. The Architectural Faces of Digital Capitalism ... 21–40

Anita Aigner: (Un)real estate – Online staging of investment-driven housing projects in Vienna ... 41–58

Gábor Oláh: In search of resilient urban space. Pest’s city centre at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, 1928–1944 ... 59–74

Máté Tamáska: Contrast as Aesthetic Value in the Townscape Modernity and Preservation in the 1960s and 1970s in Hungary ... 75–94

Márkus Keller: Professionalization in Socialism. Architects and Architecture after 1945 in Hungary ... 95–107

Venetsiya Dimitrova: The internationalization of architectural practice. Mobilizing dependence to secure and enhance (relational) autonomy on the construction site ... 108–117

Róbert Gyökér: “We fit into this landscape.” Values and Value Systems in the Postmodern Age ... 118–137

Rebeka Dóra Balázs: Pebble in the pond - The socio-spatial effects of a participatory landscape design project in Budapest  ... 138–159