Civil societies and social movements in the changing democracies of Central and Eastern Europe ::, Special issue in English No. 5 (2017)

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  • Márton Gerő – Szabina Kerényi: Anti-Soros rallies and blazing EU flags. Civil society and social movements between populism and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Felix Jaitner – Tobias Spöri: The tip of the iceberg? Protest and crisis-prone development in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989
  • Ondřej Slačálek – Eva Svobodová: Professionalised “civil society” vs. grassroots “uncivil society”? The “Little Czech” 20 years later
  • Maryna Shevtsova: Friend of foe? Foreign donors’ role in the formation of civil society in Ukraine
  • Dániel Oross – Dániel Róna – Andrea Szabó: Patterns of civic participation among politically active students in Hungary
  • Igor Stipić: Constructing “the people”. Citizen populism against ethnic hegemony in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the light of the 2013–2014 protests
  • Jana Tsoneva: Quantity vs Quality. Сitizens and anti-citizens in the Bulgarian protests of 2013
  • Dragomir Stoyanov – Leyla Sayfutdinova: Protest movements and the Bulgarian parliamentary elections of 2013–2014
  • Ruxandra Gubernat – Henry P. Rammelt: Recreative activism in Romania. How cultural affiliation and lifestyle yield political engagement