New Perspectives, Old Dilemmas. The Gendered Construction of ‘Care’’ after the Transition in Hungary

Project Leader

Acsády, Judit


Acsády, Judit

Albert, Fruzsina

Paksi, Veronika

Szalma, Ivett

The research

The research focuses on the recent practices and the social significance of care in given groups of Hungarian society. The research aims to reveal to what extend the caring functions are based on a gendered construction and if these contribute to the segregation and inequality of men and women in different aspects of social life. The approach is basically qualitative, yet we aim to combine results of surveys into our work. Thus in the first phase of the research work already excisting international data bases will be consulted. The analyses of the data concerning caring activities, social responsibility, participation, will be followed by the recording of semi-structured interviews. The evaluation of these interviews will be included in the final report and presented at „Transitions in Central and South Eastern Europe – Changing Gender Perspectives” symposium in Vienna, in November 2009