INVOlvement of Trade UNions in the European Semester (INVOTUNES)

The aim of the study is to analyse the involvement of national trade union organisations in the European Semester: to map the features of national trade unions’ involvement in the European Semester, to understand the extent to which the Semester and national policy-making (in particular, social dialogue) interact and the role played by national trade unions in this interaction; and to assess the influence of national trade unions on the European Semester in the ‘EU’ and ‘national’ cycles of the Semester and to give recommendations to national trade unions and decision-makers on how to increase trade unions’ involvement in the European Semester. The research focuses on specific policy areas of the European Semester, which are particularly relevant for trade unions: employment and wage setting, together with social protection and social inclusion policies under the Europe 2020 Strategy, especially between 2014–2018.