Herke Boglárka – Kutrovátz Kitti – Paksi Veronika – Ivony Éva (2021) Career Types and Career Satisfaction Among Sociology Doctoral Graduates of Corvinus University

Herke Boglárka – Kutrovátz Kitti – Paksi Veronika – Ivony Éva (2021) Career Types and Career Satisfaction Among Sociology Doctoral Graduates of Corvinus University. Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 29–50. https://doi.org/10.14267/cjssp.2021.1.2


"The academic profession has significantly transformed in the past few decades due to the industrialization of higher education and research. Based on sixteen career path interviews, the study investigates how the career paths of sociology doctoral graduates who obtained their master’s or PhD degree at Corvinus University of Budapest have been formed within this changing environment of the academic profession. The study distinguishes four researcher career path types and describes attached job characteristics and career satisfaction. Hungarian and international academic researchers have spent most of their careers at Hungarian or renowned foreign universities. Hungarian academic researchers performed a high volume of teaching, while international academic researchers primarily focused on research. The career paths of market researchers were formed by their positions at research firms, where they were involved in applied research projects. Researchers of the mixed career type alternated between the different sectors throughout their career paths that led to dissatisfaction with their careers. Interviewees of the other three types were generally satisfied with their careers, however, the reconciliation of teaching, research and organizational tasks in the case of Hungarian academic researchers, the measurement of publication performance against Western scholars regarding international academic researchers, and the choice between academic and market activities among market researchers all emerged as sources of frustration in the narratives."