HAPPY AGEING: A Home Based Approach to the Years of Ageing

Project leader

INRCA, Ancona, Italy- Fiorella Marcellini

Project coordinator

Fiorella Marcellini (INRCA, Ancona, Italy)

Consortium members

  • Fundacio Privadara Cetemsa (CETEMMSA), Madrid, Spain - Virginia Garcia, Josep Rublo, MCarmen Margell

  • Speed Automizone, Italy - Enrico Fritz
  • Global Security Intelligence, UK - Kush Wadhwa, Nancy Baker
  • ABACUS, Italy - Enrico d'amico, Maria Bulgheroni
  • UNIEKBO, (Association of chatolic organisation of senior citizens), Netherlands

  • Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IS HAS) - Zsuzsa Széman

Head of research (IS HAS)

Széman, Zsuzsa

Participants (IS HAS)

Széman, Zsuzsa
Kucsera, Csaba

The research

The goal of the project to counterbalance the limitations due to ageing and implement a system to monitor daily activities and support in everyday life. The main objectives are: to support independent living at home of elderly people, with special attention to those living alone; to match demand of technology by elderly with the current supply of the market; to develop and integrate a customizable system able to fulfill older people needs and expectations. HAPPY AGEING system will be composed of three main modules:


1)a lifestyle monitoring device able to record main activities taking place in the home and compare them with habits of the monitored subject;

2) a navigation assistant to support the older user in moving in close environment;

3) a personal assistant characterized by two main groups of functions:

     a) support in reminding or performing actions,

     b) support in searching for personal objects.