Flexible Adaptability of Enterprises and Employees – Research Experiences and Best Practices

Project Leader

 Makó, Csaba

Consortium members

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour – Herczog, László
Institute of Sociology, HAS – Makó, Csaba

Participant (Institute of Sociology, HAS)

Makó, Csaba
Illéssy, Miklós
Csizmadia, Péter

The research

As part of the Mutual Learning Programme of the European Employment Strategy the project intends to promote the flexible adaptability of employees and enterprises. In doing so, series of workshops will be organised in six different regions in Hungary. The workshops target three main groups of stakeholders: (1) Regional and national decision-makers, primarily from the network of employment services, representatives of the Regional Development Councils, managers of European and Hungarian development agencies, and experts of Hungarian ministries responsible for job-creation, labour market and social inclusion programs. (2) Social Partners at local and national level: representatives of employers and employees organisations, civil organisations and NGOs. (3) Local and national scientific community: university professors and PhD students, regional network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The dissemination of the result is a key point of the project. A website will be operated containing the seminar results and a book will be published based on the most important contributions. In 2007 based on the best conference presentation an English book was edited. The Akadémiai Kiadó published the book with the title: „Working it out? The Labour Process and Employment in the New Economy”.